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Windhoek is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia. It is located in the central part of the country in the Khomas Region at an elevation of 1736 meters above sea level.

Getting to Know Windhoek

The estimated population as of 2020 was 357,071, making Windhoek the largest city in the country. Windhoek is in the Central African Time Zone (CAT). As of the 2019 census, Windhoek had a population of 373,408 people. Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, is home to a variety of languages including English, Afrikaans, German, Nama, Damara, Herero, Oshiherero, Oshikwanyama, Otjiherero, and Rukwangali. The currency in Windhoek is the Namibian Dollar (NAD). Yes, Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport offers several restaurants and cafes, as well as currency exchange services. The length of the city of Windhoek in kilometers is approximately 20 km. It is known for its German colonial architecture, diverse population, and vibrant cultural life.

Climate and Weather

The most comfortable weather in Windhoek is generally during the summer months between November and March, when temperatures are mild, around 18-25 degrees Celsius (64-77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Touring Windhoek: Airport and Transportation

Windhoek is known for its cultural diversity, modern infrastructure, and entertainment offerings, including restaurants, cafes, and bars. The main airport serving Windhoek when it was built was Hosea Kutako International Airport. N$100 to hire a taxi and the ride is 17km long. Yes, it is possible to get to the city center of Windhoek from the airport by taxi. Windhoek International Airport offers a range of taxi services to take passengers to their destination.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Windhoek

Windhoek is the administrative, educational, and economic center of Namibia and is home to the National Assembly, the Supreme Court, and the National Arts Festival. It is also a popular tourist destination, boasting the International Model African Union Summit, the Namibia Independence Museum, and landmarks such as the Alte Feste and the Christuskirche. The time required to fly from one destination to another in Windhoek will depend on the distance between the two locations and the type of aircraft being used for the flight. The average time it takes to fly between cities in Windhoek is about 1-2 hours. Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. N$25 per person and the ride is 17km long. This is a quick and convenient way to get to the city, although the cost may vary. ? Windhoek is the capital and largest city of Namibia. Windhoek was established in 1840 by the German explorer, Adolf Schuckmann. 1. This iconic architectural landmark is one of the most visible attractions in Windhoek. It is an impressive piece of German colonial architecture that stands tall in the centre of the city. 2. Also known as the Old Fortress, this monument offers a glimpse into Windhoek’s past as a fort established by Imperial Germany in the late 19th century. 3. Located in the historic Villeroy & Boch building, the museum offers visitors a vast collection of cultural, military and historical artefacts that tell the story of the country and its people. The most popular place to visit in Windhoek is the Independence Memorial Museum. It is a memorial to the liberation struggle in Namibia and its rich history, and it is home to a number of Namibian artifacts. The museum also hosts a variety of cultural events and is a popular tourist attraction. Tourists are generally welcomed and treated well in Windhoek. The city's hospitality industry staff are trained to provide high-quality service, and the city’s residents are friendly and welcoming to visitors. There are many resources for visitors to the city, including guides and maps, as well as tour companies that cater to visitors. In addition, Windhoek is a safe city and crime rates are low, which helps visitors to feel more comfortable during their stay.
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