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Welcome to Walvis Bay - a picturesque and vibrant coastal city in Namibia. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Walvis Bay is the main port in Namibia and a major hub for business, industry, and tourism. It’s a great example of a city that merges a traditional African culture with modern amenities. In this text, we'll explore what makes Walvis Bay special and how visitors and residents alike can take advantage of the diverse range of attractions and activities available in the area. So, read on and enjoy learning more about this vibrant and fascinating part of Namibia.

Getting to Know Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a harbor city in the Namibian region of Erongo. It was formerly known as Walfish Bay, and is the second largest city in the country. The population of Walvis Bay is estimated to be 65,013 people as of 2021. Most of the population is of African, Himba or Damara descent. English is the official language of Namibia, though Afrikaans, German and Herero are also spoken by the population. Walvis Bay is located in the Central African Time zone, which operates onUTC+01:00. The currency used in Walvis Bay is the Namibian Dollar (NAD). The exchange rate at the time of writing is 1 USD to 18 NAD.

Climate and Weather

Walvis Bay is a port town in the Namibian desert, on the Atlantic coast. The climate is typical of a desert, hot and dry for most of the year, with some rain and cooler temperatures during the winter months. The temperatures throughout the year range from an average of 24°C in January to 17°C in July, when temperatures tend to drop due to the cool sea breezes. Annual rainfall is low, averaging 215mm/year, with January seeing the highest precipitation at 33mm and August the lowest at 1mm. The town experiences moderate humidity throughout the year, usually hovering around 50%. Walvis Bay is often affected by strong winds, with wind speeds reaching up to 20 knots and winter being the windiest season. The sea breezes also help to keep temperatures cooler during the hot summer days. Despite the dry climate, the bay supports a great diversity of wildlife, thanks to its rich coastal conditions.

Touring Walvis Bay: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Walvis Bay and its official name is Walvis Bay Airport (WVB). You can get to downtown Walvis Bay by taking a taxi or using a rental car. The cost is roughly N$50-100 ($3.50-7.00 USD). Unfortunately, money cannot be changed at Walvis Bay Airport, but there are several nearby banks and some hotels that may exchange currencies.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Walvis Bay

  1. The town of Walvis Bay was founded by traders from the Dutch East India Company in 1793
  2. Walvis Bay is a part of southwestern Namibia and is known for its idyllic setting on a coastal lagoon
  3. The local culture is a mix of the original Nama people, and the German, English and Afrikaans traders that arrived after. The locals also practice an array of traditional sports and ceremonies, including a vibrant surfing scene and an annual traditional tug-of-war ceremony

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