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Walvis Bay is a picturesque harbor town located on the west coast of Namibia. With a population of just over 38,000 people, it's one of the larger cities in Namibia, providing a great deal of fishing, tourism and other economic activity. The town has been important to the region since the 18th century when it became an outpost for Dutch and British sailors, and today it stands as an important port and popular destination for travelers. In this text, we'll examine the history and attractions of this beautiful port city, its importance to the community, and its potential for further development.

Getting to Know Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay, located in the far southwestern corner of Namibia, is a city with a population of over 70,000 people. It is in the Central Africa Time Zone (CAT). The main languages in Walvis Bay are Afrikaans, English and Oshiwambo, with Nama and Damara being spoken in smaller numbers. The currency used in Walvis Bay is the Namibian Dollar (NAD).

Climate and Weather

Walvis Bay is located in the south-west corner of Namibia, and lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The climate in Walvis Bay is considered mild, but dry. The summers are warm and humid, with temperatures averaging around 25°C, while the winters are colder, with temperatures dropping to around 17°C. The city's year-round climate is heavily influenced by the sea and the prevalence of trade winds which help to bring mild temperatures and high humidity. Throughout the year, the city experiences approximately 350mm of rain, with the majority of this falling from December to March — the city's rainy season. Walvis Bay is an excellent city in which to enjoy a mild, dry climate year-round. The warm summer months provide a perfect setting for outdoor activities, such as sunbathing and swimming, while the winter months are ideal for enjoying the mild temperatures and exploration of the towns attractions.

Touring Walvis Bay: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Walvis Bay and the official name is Walvis Bay Airport (WVB). The airport is located about 4 km from the downtown area and there is a taxi fare of about NAD50 (approx. USD3) to get to the city center. No, there are no money-changing facilities at the Walvis Bay Airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Walvis Bay

  1. Founded in 1793, Walvis Bay boasts a rich history that was once used as a maritime hub for several colonizers. It is part of the world-famous Skeleton Coast of Namibia and is home to captivating sites, such as Dune 7, the Langstrand Sperrgebiet Nature Reserve, and the Walvis Bay Lagoon
  2. The local culture is strongly rooted in Afrikaans and mainly influenced by its Dutch predecessors.
  3. Walvis Bay offers a range of activities, from watersports to live entertainment, for visitors looking for a unique adventure. Popular attractions in the area are a visit to the Cango Caves, kayaking through the bay, and exploring the diverse wildlife of the region

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