Flight tickets from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a city in Namibia. It is located on the south-central coast of the country, serving as the principal port for Namibia and the home of the country's largest fishing fleet. The city isnamed after the bay it sits on, which is littered with a rich diversity of aquatic wildlife. Walvis Bay is home to a collection of museums, restaurants and attractions that offer a glimpse into the town's colonial past. The nearby Namibrand Nature Reserve and Walvis Bay Lagoon are excellent spots for bird and wildlife viewing and for recreational activities like swimming, canoeing and kayaking. The city is also seen as an important cultural hub, hosting a number of festivals throughout the year.

Getting to Know Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is in the UTC+01 time zone. As of 2019, the population of Walvis Bay is estimated to be approximately 48,619 people. The official language in Walvis Bay is English. Afrikaans is also widely spoken and is considered to be the majority language in the town. Some Oshiwambo, German and Portuguese is also spoken by some people in the area. The currency in Walvis Bay is the Namibian Dollar (NAD). Yes, there are several cafes and restaurants, as well as a currency exchange, at the Walvis Bay International Airport. The length of Walvis Bay, Namibia is 32 kilometers (20 miles).

Climate and Weather

In Walvis Bay, the most comfortable weather is usually from mid-April to mid-October, when temperatures range from 19 to 25 degrees Celsius (66 to 77F). The average temperature in Walvis Bay, Namibia is 19.8°C (67.6°F).

Touring Walvis Bay: Airport and Transportation

The Walvis Bay Airport was built in 1945 and the main arrival airport was Eros Airport in Windhoek, Namibia. The cost of traveling from the airport to the city center by bus is NAD 6 (just under $0.50 USD) and by car is around NAD 70 (just under $5 USD). Yes, it is possible to get from the airport of Walvis Bay to the city center by taxi. Taxi services are available at the airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Walvis Bay

These months also typically bring long sunny days and relatively low humidity. The time it takes for a flight from Walvis Bay to any other destination depends on the airline, route, and passenger load. Generally flights from Walvis Bay are short considering its proximity to other cities and towns. Most flights are under two hours. Walvis Bay is in Namibia. The distance is approximately 14 kilometers. Walvis Bay is an important port town in Namibia and is renowned for its natural harbor, which is one of the best in the world. It was built in 1793 by the Dutch to facilitate the slave trade. In 1878, the British annexed it due to its strategic location and its importance in the slave trade. Today, the port of Walvis Bay is used for the export of minerals such as diamonds, uranium, copper, zinc, and petroleum products. The town has also become a hub for international trade and transportation. 1. 2. 3. The Red Dune Safari – a must-do 4x4 excursion for visitors to Namibia. The popular Walvis Bay Lagoon is the most popular place to visit in Walvis Bay. The lagoon is a protected reserve and is a popular spot to observe a variety of birds, as well as rare species. It is also a great place to observe dolphin and seals. Other popular attractions in Walvis Bay include a visit to the Atlantic Ocean, the Kuiseb Delta and the coastal towns of Langstrand and Swakopmund. Tourists tend to be welcomed warmly in Walvis Bay. It's seen as a desirable destination due to its natural beauty, with its expansive coastline, pristine beaches, and vibrant wild life. Many of the hotels and eateries in the city offer discounts and special offers to tourists. The locals are usually friendly and helpful, and the authorities do their best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visiting tourists.
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