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Vilanculos is a charming city in Mozambique situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination, due to its pristine beaches, diverse marine life and lively atmosphere. Here you can relax in the sun or take part in a wide variety of activities such as kite-surfing, scuba diving and fishing. From viewing whales and dolphins to exploring the vibrant culture and cuisine of Mozambique, Vilanculos offers something for everyone. In the following text, we explore the attractions, accommodation and experiences in this beautiful city.

Getting to Know Vilanculos

Vilanculos is a small coastal town in Mozambique, located in the Inhambane Province. The population of Vilanculos is 48,103, as of the 2017 Census. The town is located in the Central African Time Zone, UTC+2. Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, while local languages such as Makhuwa and Changana are also spoken in the area, especially by the local population. The official currency is the Mozambican Metical, though other currencies are also accepted in some locations.

Climate and Weather

The climate in Vilanculos is tropical, making it hot and humid throughout the year. The average temperatures range from 22-31°C (70-87°F), with the hottest months being October to April. Rainfall is abundant, especially during the wet season which lasts from November to March. There is also a short dry season from May to August. Due to its location on the coast of Mozambique, the Indian Ocean influences the climate in Vilanculos, making it one of the most pleasant places to visit in Africa. Sea breezes keep the days comfortable and humidity levels more moderate. Overall, the climate in Vilanculos is warm and balmy, creating the perfect conditions for sunbathing, watersports and outdoor exploration throughout the year.

Touring Vilanculos: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Vilanculos: Vilanculos Airport with the official name Aeroporto da Vilanculo (VNX). You can get from the airport to downtown in Vilanculos by taxi or shuttle. It usually takes between 10–20 minutes and the cost should be between USD 10–25. Currency exchange is not available at Vilanculos airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Vilanculos

  1. Vilanculos is an important coastal city in Mozambique with a rich history and cultural heritage due to its location as a stop on major trading routes between Europe and Africa
  2. Locals pride themselves on the vibrancy of their traditions and culture, celebrated through traditional ceremonies, music performances, and traditional art and dance
  3. Vilanculos is home to the beautiful five-island archipelago of the Bazaruto National Park, a paradise of pristine beaches, brilliant coral reefs and abundant marine life, making it a great destination for watersports, diving and snorkelling

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