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Upington is a city located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Getting to Know Upington

With a population of 75,000, it is the largest town in the Kalahari region. Upington is in the South African Standard Time Zone (SAST), which is GMT+2. According to the 2011 census, the population of Upington is 119,438 people. The two official languages of Upington are Afrikaans and English. The currency in Upington is the South African Rand (ZAR). Yes, the Upington Airport has several cafes, restaurants and a currency exchange facility. The length of Upington, South Africa, is approximately 39 km (24.2 miles).

Climate and Weather

The most comfortable weather in Upington usually occurs from October to April when temperatures are mild and generally warm during the day.

Touring Upington: Airport and Transportation

Upington International Airport connects the city to the rest of the country. The approximate flight time from Johannesburg in South Africa to Upington in South Africa is 1 hour and 57 minutes. The cost of traveling from the airport to the city centre by bus is around 15 ZAR (1 USD approximately) and by car is approximately 150 ZAR (10 USD approximately). The distance from the airport to the city centre is approximately 15 kilometers. Yes, it is possible to get from the airport of Upington to the city center by taxi. Upington Airport has a taxi rank located outside the terminal building, so you can always hire a taxi from there. Tourists receive excellent service in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Upington

The city is situated along the Orange River and has a few attractions, such as the Augrabies Falls National Park and the Gerald Simpson Museum. Upington's economy is largely based on commerce, with tourism and agriculture being important industries. The city has numerous parks, museums, art galleries, shopping centers, golf clubs, and health clubs. Average highs range from 20-29°C (68-84°F) and average lows from 7-14°C (45-57°F). Upington is in South Africa. FAUP) was built in Upington, South Africa in 1969. ? Upington is a city in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It was established in 1884 by the Dutch Reformed Church and is the administrative, educational and cultural centre of the Green Kalahari region. It is most famously known for the Orange River that runs through the city, as well as being the sunniest city in South Africa and the renowned Kalahari Ostrich Ranch. 1. This thrilling 4x4 track runs through the Kalahari Desert, offering adventure seekers an unforgettable safari experience with multiple dunes and the opportunity to explore the area's rugged terrain. 2. Tour the winery and sample some of the region’s finest wines, take a tasting workshop, or enjoy a delicious gourmet meal in the contemporary restaurant. 3. Come to this striking park to admire the huge Augrabies Falls as well as the park’s striking wildlife, including springbok, gemsbok, and many other species of animals. The Garry player designed, Kalahari-Oranje River Golf Course is the most popular attraction to visit in Upington. Other attractions include the Camel Cup, the Kalahari-Oranje National Park, the Kalahari Desert, the Orange River and several historical sites. Tourists are generally treated very well in Upington. The local people are very friendly and welcoming of visitors. The local people are very open and willing to answer any questions visitors may have about the area or about local culture.
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