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Getting to Know Tete

Tete is a city located in northwestern Mozambique. It is the capital of Tete Province and has a population of around 283,000 people. It lies on the Zambezi River and is the largest city in the Zambezi valley. Tete is in the Central African Time Zone, UTC+2. The official languages of Mozambique are Portuguese, but other spoken languages in Tete include Sena, Makonde, and Nyaneca. The currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican metical (MZN). The metical is divided into 100 centavos. Coin denominations range from one to 50 centavos and banknotes range from 20 to 500 meticais. US dollars are widely accepted as an alternative to the metical.

Climate and Weather

Tete is a province in Mozambique located in the central region of the country on the banks of the Zambezi River. It has a tropical climate with the wet season occurring from December to April when the temperatures are cooler and the dry season from May to November when the temperatures are warmer. The average temperature throughout the year is around 21-29°C (70-84°F). The average rainfall is around 890mm (35in) per year with the wettest months being December to April. Annual sunshine amounts are in the region of 1650 hours per year. Tete can be a great place to visit during both the wet and the dry season. During the wet season, most of the province is green and lush with rainfall making it the ideal time for outdoor activities such as rafting, or trekking and exploring. During the dry season the temperatures soar to higher levels making it a great time for swimming in the streams and rivers.

Touring Tete: Airport and Transportation

There are currently two airports located in Tete: Chingozi Airport and Cahora Bassa Airport. The main airport is Chingozi Airport. You can get to downtown in Tete from the main airport by taxi. The cost for this service is around $2.50. Unfortunately, there is no currency exchange service at Tete Airport; however, there are money changers in the downtown area.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Tete

  1. The Tete Province of Mozambique is a rich source of cultural heritage, with traces of the region's long history of human occupation and diverse cultural exchange.
  2. Traditional music and dance styles, like Marimba and Makarikari, are popular throughout Tete and are often featured in local festivals like the Mapiko Mask Dance Festival.
  3. The remains of ancient rock art, copper mines, and Chibemba graves provide insight into the city’s ancient past, a legacy still cherished by the local people today

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