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Getting to Know Tete

Tete is a city in Mozambique and the capital of Tete Province. It has a population of 128,427 people, according to the 2017 Census. Tete is located in the Central African Time Zone (UTC +2) and has two official languages: Portuguese and Emakhuwa. The official currency of Tete is the Mozambican Metical (MZN). It is divided into 100 centavos. Mozambique has a long history of trading and is heavily reliant on the MZN. The MZN is widely accepted in shopping and restaurants throughout Tete, as well as in banks and other financial institutions.

Climate and Weather

Tete is a small province in northwestern Mozambique situated on the Zambezi River. The climate of Tete is tropical; characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. Also, being located on the equator it has majority of its days in the year under sunshine. The hottest months of the year are October to March when temperatures can reach as high as 38-40 degree Celsius and the coldest months are from June to September when temperatures can dip to as low as 14 to 20 degree Celsius. The yearly mean annual temperature is about 24 degree Celsius. Rainfall in this region is almost evenly distributed throughout the year but the wettest months are December and January receiving over 130mm of rainfall. The dry season is from June to September when there is much less precipitation. Tete is also one of the major producers of coal as a result of its rich deposits of coal in the Mozambique basin.

Touring Tete: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Tete: Tete Chingodzi Airport and Moatize Airport. You can get from Tete Chingodzi Airport to downtown Tete by taxi. It costs approximately USD $10. You can change money at the banks or ATMs located in the airport terminal or outside.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Tete

  1. Tete is home to the Sena people, an ethnic group with a unique history extending back to the 16th century. As a result, the city is rich in traditional culture, music, and other cultural elements.
  2. The city of Tete is located at an important historical crossroads, making it a great place to see the ancient and modern influences that have shaped both Mozambique and the world.
  3. Tete is surrounded by natural beauty and is a great place to explore. Visitors can hike along mountain trails and explore ancient rock shelters, or explore the cobblestone streets of the old town

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