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Saint Denis de la Reunion is a beautiful city located on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. This picturesque city was founded in 1676 and has played an important role in the history of the region. It is best known for its spectacular natural beauty, its diverse culture, and its vibrant atmosphere. In this text, we will explore the history, culture, and attractions of Saint Denis de la Reunion. From its colonial history to its contemporary way of life, this intriguing city has plenty to offer visitors!

Getting to Know Saint Denis de la Reunion

Saint Denis de la Réunion is a French island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and 200 km southwest of Mauritius. It is a French department, made up of several islands, and is part of the larger Mascarene Islands archipelago. Saint Denis de la Réunion has a population of 855,973, according to 2019 estimates. The local time zone is UTC+4. The official language of the island is French, but there are many local languages such as Réunion Creole and French Creole that are widely spoken. The currency of Saint Denis de la Réunion is the euro.

Climate and Weather

Located off the east coast of Africa, Réunion is a small island tucked away in the Indian Ocean. The climate on the island is tropical and warm all year round, with temperatures rarely dropping below 18°C (65°F). The island experiences two wet seasons, the long wet season from January through April and the short wet season from October to December. During the wet season, cyclones, wind storms and heavy rains sometimes occur. The wet season is also the best time for growing crops on the island. During the dry season of May to September, temperatures are at their highest, sometimes reaching above 30°C (86°F). The air is hot and humid, feeling almost tropical and lush. This is the season where tourists flock to the beaches and outdoor activities abound. Overall, the climate of Réunion is mild and warm, making it a great place to visit in any season.

Touring Saint Denis de la Reunion: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Saint Denis de la Reunion: the Roland Garros Airport and the Gillot Airport. You can get from the main airport, Roland Garros Airport, to downtown Saint Denis de la Reunion via the public bus. The cost of a single ticket is around 2.50 Euros. You can change money at Saint Denis de la Reunion airport at Bureau de Change offices located at the international and French arrivals areas.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Saint Denis de la Reunion

  1. Saint Denis de la Reunion is the capital city of Reunion, an island with French colonial heritage located in the Indian Ocean. It is a vibrant and colourful city that offers an interesting blend of cultures and styles
  2. The city is well-known for its vibrant markets and its colonial-style architecture. It is also a great destination for outdoor activities such as surfing, windsurfing, sailing, diving, paragliding and hiking
  3. Saint Denis de la Reunion is also rich in history and culture. Visitors can enjoy beautiful churches, museums, and a lively cultural scene with performances of Caribbean, Indian, Chinese and African music and dance

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