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Saint Denis de la Réunion is a popular holiday destination located in the Indian Ocean and is the administrative capital of France's Overseas Department of Réunion. It is famous for its charming town centre, lush tropical scenery and pristine beaches that line the Indian Ocean. The city of Saint Denis is renowned for its unique blend of cultures and the surrounding area is home to the French Overseas Department of Réunion, which has strong ties to both the Indian Ocean region and Africa, as well as its close connection to the French mainland. This cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures, combined with its beautiful natural surroundings, makes it the perfect destination for visitors to explore and discover. The city of Saint Denis offers plenty of activities and attractions, both on land and in the warm Indian Ocean, while taking advantage of the many delicious local dishes, seaside resorts and vibrant nightlife. From pizzerias and pubs to art galleries, international restaurants and sophisticated bars, Saint Denis truly has something for everyone.

Getting to Know Saint Denis de la Reunion

Saint Denis de la Reunion is an overseas region of France located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. The population of Saint Denis de la Reunion is 826,000, according to the 2017 census. The time zone in Saint Denis de la Reunion is UTC+4. The official language of Saint Denis de la Reunion is French and the other language commonly spoken is Réunion Creole. The currency used in Saint Denis de la Reunion is the Euro (EUR). It is accepted alongside credit cards, traveller’s cheques and local currency.

Climate and Weather

The climate of Saint Denis de la Reunion is tropical and humid with average temperatures ranging from 23° to 30°C. The warmest period is during the summer months, between November and April, when the temperature rises above 30°C. During the other months the temperatures range between 23° and 28°C. Saint Denis de la Reunion is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are different than in the northern hemisphere. The rainy season runs from December to April, and the dry season from May to November. The average annual precipitation is around 2000-2500mm, but higher in the mountains near the nearby volcano. The cyclones season runs between November and April. Cyclones are usually very destructive and can cause flooding and landslides. The climate of Saint Denis de la Reunion is overall very pleasant and warm. The inhabitants enjoy sunshine almost all year round.

Touring Saint Denis de la Reunion: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Saint Denis de la Reunion: Roland Garros International Airport and Gillot Airport. To get from the main airport (Roland Garros International) to downtown Saint Denis de la Reunion, you can take the bus system, taxi or use a car-sharing app such as Uber. Bus fare is around €2 per person and taxi fares vary depending on the distance. Yes, there is a currency exchange store at the arrival hall of Roland Garros International Airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Saint Denis de la Reunion

  1. Saint Denis de la Reunion is the cultural and economic center of the French Overseas Departments, located in the east of the island of Reunion
  2. It is home to multiple cultural sites, such as the renowned art museum, Musée de St Denis, and architectural sites like the Notre-Dame de la Délivrance Cathedral and the Place de la Victoire
  3. Visitors are encouraged to explore Reunion's rich history, its diverse cultures, incredible cuisine, and its thriving arts and music scene

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