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Polokwane is the largest city in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It is located near the country’s northern border with Botswana and Zimbabwe. The city is also known as Pietersburg and was established in 1886 after an outbreak of malaria in the region.

Getting to Know Polokwane

It has since grown to become an important regional center, with a population of approximately 558,000. Polokwane is located in South Africa Time Zone (SAST) which is 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2). As of the 2017 census, the population of Polokwane is 500,114 people. The official language spoken in Polokwane is English, although many languages are spoken throughout the city. The predominant languages spoken include Northern Sotho, Sepedi, and Tswana. Other languages include Xitsonga, Afrikaans, Venda, Zulu, Swati, and Ndebele. The currency in Polokwane is the South African Rand (ZAR). Yes, the Polokwane International Airport has several restaurants, cafes, and currency exchange services. The length of the city of Polokwane is approximately 100 kilometers.

Climate and Weather

The most comfortable weather in Polokwane is during late autumn when the temperatures are mild and the climate is dry. The average temperature in Polokwane is 19.5°C (67.1°F).

Touring Polokwane: Airport and Transportation

The arrival airport in Polokwane when it was built is the Pietersburg International Airport (PTG). The airport also has a selection of shops where travelers can purchase souvenirs and other items. Traveling from Polokwane's airport to the city center by bus will cost between R50-R60, and by car it will cost roughly R50-R70 depending on the type of car. The distance between the airport and the city center is roughly 7 km. Yes, it is possible to get from the airport to the city center by taxi. Taxis are available from the arrivals area at Polokwane International Airport. All taxis are regulated by the local municipality and have fixed rates for trips to the city centre. It was later renamed Pietersburg in honor of Voortrekker leader Petrus Jacobus Joubert, but reverted to its original name in 2002.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Polokwane

Polokwane boasts many attractions, including the Queen Modjadji III Rain Queen's Palace, which is the traditional home of the country's female rulers. Other notable attractions include the Polokwane Game Reserve, where visitors can catch a glimpse of some of the region’s wildlife. The city has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with museums, galleries, and an annual jazz festival. The area also has numerous shopping and dining options, as well as nearby national parks, making Polokwane an ideal destination for tourists. Between April and May, the daily highs average around 20°C and the nightly lows drop to around 5°C. During this time, mornings and evenings can be chilly, so it's best to pack some layers. The flying time from Polokwane to Johannesburg is roughly 90 minutes by plane. Polokwane is in South Africa. Additionally, Uber is also available in Polokwane for a more affordable ride. Polokwane is known for being the provincial capital of Limpopo and is located at the gateway to the Northern Province. The city was initially founded in the late 19th century and was initially named after the local chief, Marin Kgare. The town has since gone on to become the commercial centre of the region and its industry includes mining, timber, transport and processing. 1. Meropa Casino and Entertainment World – With its spectacular lights, world-class entertainment, and exhilarating games, this entertainment destination is the perfect place for family fun and adventure. 2. Elements Private Game Reserve – This private game reserve offers game drives, horseback safaris, game-viewing hides and walking safaris with experienced guides. 3. Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum – This living museum will take you back in time with its well-preserved traditional dwellings and authentic San lifestyle. The most popular place to visit in Polokwane is the game reserve, Polokwane Game Reserve, which is home to a variety of wildlife including giraffes, elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions and other African animals. The game reserve offers game drives and night game drives, guided walks and bird watching tours. Tourists in Polokwane are generally warmly received and treated with a high level of hospitality. Most locals are very friendly and helpful and are more than happy to provide assistance or advice. The city is known for its peaceful and friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.
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