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, Tanzania Pemba, Tanzania is a beautiful and diverse destination located in East Africa. With picturesque beaches, friendly people, and a unique culture, Pemba is a hidden gem of the African continent. From the lush forests of the Pemba eco-park to the historic sites in the capital, Wete, Pemba offers a wealth of activities and attractions to explore. In this article, we'll dive deep into the history and culture of Pemba, making stops at all the must-see points of interests along the way.

Getting to Know Pemba

Pemba is an archipelago located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is made up of two main islands, Pemba Island and Unguja Island. The population of Pemba is estimated to be around 850,000 people. The official language is Kiswahili, although English is widely spoken. The local time zone is East African Time (EAT), which is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. The local currency is the Tanzanian shilling. Pemba has quite a diverse population, with people of African, Arab, Indian and European descent living and working together. All of these different cultures come together to create this unique and fascinating archipelago. Pemba is a great holiday destination, with fabulous beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and stunning landscape. It's also a great place to get in touch with the slow pace of true African island life.

Climate and Weather

Pemba is situated in a tropical climate zone, which means its climate is hot, humid and generally quite wet. Pemba has a pronounced dry season from late June to early October, and a rainy season from October to March. Temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit), and the average high is 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit). June to August are the hottest months and December to February are the coolest. Rainfall is heaviest from December to March, but Pemba can experience heavy rains throughout the year. Hurricanes and tropical storms can sometimes occur, resulting in flooding and high winds. The overall climate of Pemba is warm and comfortable, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy a tropical climate.

Touring Pemba: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Pemba, which is the Pemba International Airport (POL). To get from the main airport to downtown in Pemba, you can either take a taxi or arrange for private transport. This will cost you around USD$30-40 depending on the vehicle and distance. Alternatively, there are shared vans that can cost you around USD$7-10 per person. There is no currency exchange available at the airport, but you can easily exchange currency in local banks or money exchange shops in Pemba.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Pemba

  1. Pemba is home to a rich tapestry of culture and history. It is an island off the coast of Tanzania and has been inhabited for centuries by powerful Swahili and Arab dynasties who left an imprint on the local language and culture
  2. Pemba is a popular destination for tourists who seek out its unique cultural experience. Visitors will find an abundance of historical ruins, untouched beaches, and vibrant bazaars filled with local art and crafts
  3. The locals in Pemba practice Islam as the main religion, which influences the local customs and cuisine. Visitors can also find traditional Swahili architecture dotted throughout the island, with old buildings and houses still standing in their original form

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