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Nampula is a beautiful city in northern Mozambique. It is the capital city of the Nampula Province and features stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Inhabited since the 16th century, Nampula is an important historical center and home to many cultural sites and buildings. Nampula is known for its friendly people, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and stunning scenery. This city has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful beach retreat or a vibrant nightlife experience, Nampula has it all. From outdoor activities to historical museums, from outdoor markets to bustling city streets, there is something for everyone to explore in Nampula. Join us in exploring this stunning city and learn more about its history and culture.

Getting to Know Nampula

Nampula is the capital of Nampula Province in Mozambique. It has an estimated population of 842,000 people and covers an area of 655.5 square kilometers. The city is located in the northern region of the country and has a tropical wet and dry climate. Nampula has one time zone, which is Central African Time (CAT). It is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. However, the city of Nampula is also home to many other languages, including Swahili, Makhuwa, Makonde and Ndau. The currency in use in Nampula is the Mozambican Metical (MZN). It is divided into 100 centavos.The US dollar and Euro are also widely accepted as payment.

Climate and Weather

Nampula is the capital city of Mozambique. Located in the north of the country, it has a tropical climate with a dry summer and wet winter season. The average annual temperature is a mild 26°C. Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, with an average of about 1000mm. Most of the rain falls during the wet season, between December and March. At its peak, the yearly total can reach up to 2500mm. During the dry season, Nampula experiences strong winds, with peaks in April and May. The atmosphere is also dry during this period, leading to low humidity levels. Overall, Nampula has a warm, humid climate with abundant rainfall, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities.

Touring Nampula: Airport and Transportation

There is one airport in Nampula, known as Presidente Moisés Ridrigues International Airport (APL). It is located approximately 5 km from the center of the city. One can get to downtown Nampula by taking a tuc-tuc, taxi or bus. The cost is typically around 50 to 100 Meticais ($0.73 - $1.47 USD). Money can be changed at the airport, but it is recommended to get better exchange rates and lower fees at private currency exchange services in Nampula such as Maxicambios.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Nampula

  1. Nampula is home to a fascinating mix of cultures, including African, European, and Arab influences. The city is known for its vibrant art and music scene, as well as its unique cuisine
  2. Visitors to Nampula should take the time to explore the city's historic cultural sites, including the strongholds of Fort Namapual and Macurungo, as well as religious sites like the Cathedral of Nampula and the ancient mosques
  3. Nampula is a great destination for those interested in unique arts and crafts, as it hosts several local markets specializing in traditional hand-crafted goods such as pottery, wood carvings, and jewelry

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