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Nampula is the fourth-largest city in Mozambique and the capital of Nampula Province. A vibrant coastal city, Nampula stands as one of the most important trading and commercial centers in the country. It is notable for its stunning plethora of architecture, which reflects both the rich heritage of ancient Muslim traders, as well as the influence of colonial Portuguese and Indian settlers. Nampula also features some of Mozambique's most stunning landscapes, such as the rolling hills and tropical forests of the nearby Namúli National Park. This guide will take you on a journey through the history, culture, and attractions of this unique and beautiful city.

Getting to Know Nampula

Nampula is a city located in northern Mozambique. It is the capital and largest city of the Nampula Province. As of 2018, the population of Nampula was 845,802. The city is in the Central Africa Time Zone, which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2). Portuguese is the official language with Yao, Sena, and Swahili also commonly spoken. The official currency is the Mozambican Metical (MZN).

Climate and Weather

Nampula is located in northern Mozambique on the Indian Ocean. The climate in Nampula is tropical and humid. The rainy season runs from November through March, and the dry season stretches from April through October. Rainfall can be quite heavy during the rainy season, with around 500 to 600mm falling each month. The monsoon winds also cause a hot and humid climate during this time. The average temperatures in Nampula range from 18°C to 29°C. The dry season in Nampula is characterized by the northeast trade winds, leading to much lower rainfall and cooler temperatures. The average temperatures during this time range from 14°C to 23°C. The soil in Nampula is also much drier during this time. Overall, Nampula has a tropical climate that is humid during the rainy season and dry during the dry season. Temperatures also vary, ranging from cool to hot depending on the season.

Touring Nampula: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports located in Nampula, Mozambique. The primary airport is Nampula International Airport (APL), and the other is Nampula Base Aeronav Kai-Kai (NDV). To get from the Nampula International Airport to downtown Nampula, you can take a taxi. The cost will depend on the distance, but typically it is approximately 65 to 70 Mozambican Meticals (MZN). There is a foreign exchange kiosk located at the airport, so you can change money there.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Nampula

  1. Nampula is the third largest city in Mozambique, and its culture is heavily rooted in its rich coastal African influences
  2. The thriving culture of Nampula has a strong presence in the country's music and art, with traditional instruments such as the "calundula" and local performances such as the "Chibudundo" popular amongst the city's inhabitants
  3. Nampula also has a rich history which can be explored across its museums and historic sites such as the Railway Station and the Old Mosque

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