Flight tickets from Durban to Nairobi

Nairobi is a vibrant and bustling city located in East Africa, and it stands as the economic and social hub of Kenya. With its rich history, culture, and modern attractions, Nairobi is one of the most lively and captivating places in the world. From huge shopping malls to gorgeous parks and stunning buildings, this city truly has an incredible atmosphere that can be felt by all who visit. In this text, we'll explore the fascinating history, attractions, and culture of Nairobi that make it one of the great cities of the world.

Getting to Know Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital of the East African country of Kenya. The city has an estimated population of 3.5 million inhabitants, making it the most populous city in East Africa. It is located in the East African Time Zone, which is three hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The official language of Nairobi is Swahili, although English is also widely spoken. Other popular languages spoken in the city include Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Ekegusii, and Borana. The primary currency in Nairobi is the Kenyan Shilling (KES). The US Dollar and other major currencies can also be exchanged at currency exchanges located in the city.

Climate and Weather

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, located in East Africa and is known for its warm and temperate climate. Nairobi experiences two wet and two dry seasons, with a hot and humid climate throughout the year. The average temperature during winter is approximately 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, while the summer season sees an average temperature of 26 to 27 degrees Celsius. The temperature at night can go as low as 5 degrees Celsius in winter, and may reach up to 29 degrees Celsius during the day in summer. Rainfall is moderate and is spread throughout the year, with the greater rains occurring during April and May. On average, Nairobi receives 8.5 inches of rain every year. With its warm and temperate climate, Nairobi enjoys an amazing tropical weather throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for tourists and residents alike.

Touring Nairobi: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Nairobi: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport. If you are flying into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you can get to downtown Nairobi by taking a taxi, an airport shuttle, or a private car service. The cost varies depending on how many people you are traveling with, the distance, and the method of transport. A one way taxi ride to downtown Nairobi from the airport should cost roughly around 700 KES (Kenyan shillings). You can also exchange money at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, as there are several foreign exchange bureaus located near the baggage claim area.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Nairobi

  1. Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya, and has its roots in British colonial rule. It is a vibrant and fast-growing city with a rich cultural heritage and many interesting attractions
  2. Nairobi is a multicultural city and is home to people from many different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity is evident in the city’s streets, with the presence of diverse architecture, art, and music throughout the area
  3. Many of Nairobi’s top tourist attractions are related to its past and culture, such as the Nairobi National Park, where visitors can see the Big Five African animals, the Karen Blixen Museum, which highlights Karen Blixen's Kenyan coffee farm, and Fort Jesus, a historic Portuguese fort

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