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Margate is a seaside resort town in the southeast of England. It lies on the coast of Thanet, a district in the county of Kent. Margate has been a seaside resort for more than 250 years and is known for its sandy beaches, award-winning attractions, and traditional seaside fun. Margate is home to the world-famous Dreamland amusement park, Turner Contemporary art gallery, Sea Life Centre, Shell Grotto, and Tudor House Museum. It also has several interesting museums, art galleries, parks, and cafes. Other attractions include archaeological sites and the stunning botanical gardens of Quex Park. The town has many independent boutique shops, galleries, and restaurants as well as modern shopping centres. Margate is located in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone. The most comfortable weather in Margate can differ from person to person, but in general, spring and autumn tend to have comfortable weather. During the spring months, temperatures range between 48 to 70°F (9 to 21°C) and during the autumn months, temperatures range between 48 to 66°F (9 to 19°C). Rainfall also tends to be less frequent during these times. It usually takes about 50 minutes to fly from London to Margate. Margate is a seaside town in Kent, England.

Getting to Know Margate

According to the latest census data from 2018, the population of Margate, Florida is 55,814. English is the primary language spoken in Margate. However, many other languages such as Spanish, Polish, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu are also widely spoken in the town. The currency in Margate is the British Pound (GBP). Yes, there are cafes and restaurants as well as currency exchange services available in Margate airport.

Climate and Weather

Touring Margate: Airport and Transportation

The original airport in Margate was built in 1937, and its arrival airport was Ramsgate Airport. The airport has multiple cafes, snack bars, and restaurants offering local fare, as well as an International Currency Exchange bureau. The bus journey is approximately 6 kilometers. Yes, it is possible to get from the airport in Margate to the city center by taxi. Margate Old Town is the most popular place to visit in Margate, with its traditional high street, galleries, shops, cafes, and bistros.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Margate

6.00. By car, the cost will vary and is dependent on the the type of car and the route taken. By car it will take about 10 kilometers. The city of Margate is approximately 12.62 km across, from the town's easternmost point to its westernmost point. Margate is a seaside town in Kent, England, and is known for its sandy beaches, large amusement park, Dreamland, cultural heritage, and as an artist’s retreat. The original settlement of Margate was established in the 11th century, although it was mostly a fishing settlement until the 18th century when it began to develop and become a popular tourist destination. The town was officially given its name in 1388 and continues to be an important destination for tourists and locals alike. 1. Turner Contemporary – Margate's award-winning contemporary art gallery offering exhibitions, education programs and experiences. 2. Dreamland – Margate's popular vintage amusement park, featuring classic rides and entertainment. 3. The Margate Shell Grotto – A mysterious and fascinating underground grotto decorated with mosaics of shells. The Dreamland Margate amusement park and beaches also attract many tourists. Generally tourists are welcomed and treated well in Margate. There are many activities and sights to explore, and locals are often friendly and eager to show visitors around and tell stories about the city. The area is well known for having worthwhile things to do and see and there is a wide range of accommodation choices catering to all types of visitors.
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