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Margate is a seaside town in the Thanet district of Kent, England. It is located on the English Channel coast, about 8 miles north-east of the county town of Kent, Canterbury. The town's popularity as a seaside resort dates from the 1830s, when it was visited by the Prince Regent, the future king George IV. Today, Margate has come to be known as an eclectic and trendy holiday destination, with a multitude of shops, pubs, galleries and restaurants. Attractions include Dreamland Margate, the shell-shaped Turner Contemporary art gallery and the popular Royal Harbour, with its Fisherman's Beach and Marina. Margate is also well known as a music destination, with a wide range of live music venues and clubs. Margate is situated in the United Kingdom and is in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timezone. The most comfortable weather in Margate is usually during the late spring and early autumn months when temperatures range from 60 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 23 degrees Celsius). During the summer months, temperatures often range from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 29 Celsius). There is no direct flight from any airport to Margate. There are some routes available that could take between 6 and 9 hours depending on the route, the airline, and any layovers. Margate is located in the United Kingdom.

Getting to Know Margate

According to the UK Census of 2011, the population of Margate was 40,386. The official language spoken in Margate is English. However, many other languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Punjabi and Tamil are also spoken in the area. The currency in Margate is the British Pound (GBP). Yes, there are several cafes, restaurants, and a currency exchange at the Margate Airport. You can find a currency exchange desk in the main concourse. The length of the city of Margate in kilometers is approximately 8 km.

Climate and Weather

Touring Margate: Airport and Transportation

Some of the restaurants include British Airways Executive Club, Starbucks, Burger King and WHSmith Food. The distance from the airport to the city centre is approximately 6 km. Yes, it is possible to get from the airport of in Margate to the city center by taxi. The town centre is also home to a number of restaurants, bars and pubs making it easy to sample some of the local delicacies.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Margate

MWT), which operated from 1928 to 1959. 4.00 per person. 15.00. Margate is known for its award-winning Victorian pier, beautiful sandy beaches and its cultural connections to the painter J.M.W. Turner. It was established in the late 18th century as a seaside resort. 1. Dreamland – Margate's historic amusement park complete with classic rides and attractions. 2. Turner Contemporary – The modern art gallery that houses an extensive collection of works from the 18th Century to the present day. 3. Margate Main Sands – An iconic beach destination, with fine sands and views of the English Channel. The Dreamland Margate amusement park is the most popular place to visit in Margate. With its selection of classic rides, recent additions, games arcade, and food outlets, Dreamland offers a myriad of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Margate is a popular tourist destination in Kent, England. The town welcomes visitors with open arms and people usually find the locals warm and welcoming during their visits. There are a variety of activities for tourists to do, such as visit Margate's iconic marine attractions, explore its stunning coastline and beaches, or enjoy some of the town's renowned cultural activities.
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