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Welcome to Maputo, a bustling capital city located on the southern coast of Mozambique. With a population of over one million, Maputo offers a mix of old and new and is full of colorful neighborhoods, markets, restaurants, museums and parks. With its long coastal line, and tropical climate, coupled with its cultural, historical, and economic importance in the region, Maputo is the ideal place to explore many cultural and natural attractions. With its vibrant culture, art, and history, Maputo is a city full of surprises. From its buzzing markets, to its beautiful beaches, to its world-renowned wildlife reserves, there is something for everyone. Come explore.

Getting to Know Maputo

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique, located in southeastern Africa. With a population of roughly 1.2 million people, Maputo is the largest city in the country. The city lies in the Central Africa Time Zone, two hours ahead of UTC, which is the same time zone as other cities in Mozambique. The official language spoken in Maputo is Portuguese, however there are a number of other languages spoken in the city, such as Swahili, Tsonga, Makua and Makhuwa. The currency used in Maputo is the Mozambican Metical (MZN). The US dollar is also widely accepted and used as an alternative currency.

Climate and Weather

Maputo is the largest and most populous city of Mozambique. The city, located on the western edge of the Indian Ocean, is known for its tropical climate. Due to its proximity to the sea the city is quite humid throughout the year, with temperatures rarely dipping below the mid twenties. The summer months (October to March) are usually the warmest with temperatures reaching the mid thirties during the day and cooling down to the high twenties in the evening. During the winter months (April to September) the temperatures are much more moderate, with the highs remaining in the low thirties during the day and cooling off to around 20°C at night. Rain is common throughout the year, but most intense during the summer months, when frequent showers are a common occurrence.

Touring Maputo: Airport and Transportation

There are currently two airports in Maputo: Maputo International Airport (MPM) and Mavalane International Airport (MVM). To get from Maputo International Airport (MPM) to downtown Maputo, travellers may take a taxi. The cost of this journey will depend on the traffic, but it should be between US $15-25. It is possible to change money at Maputo airport, with a branch of Banco de Mozambique located in the arrival hall.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Maputo

  1. Maputo is known for its captivating history, having been colonized by the Portuguese in 1781 and used to be known as Lourenço Marques
  2. The city has a dynamic culture, filled with a mix of Portuguese, African, and Indian influences that can be explored in its local street markets, music, culinary specialties, and art
  3. Maputo is home to the beautiful Maputo Cathedral, a fine example of 19th century Portuguese architecture, as well as a number of interesting museums, galleries, and theatres

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