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Welcome to the fascinating world of David Livingstone! David Livingstone was a Scottish explorer who had a passion for exploring and discovering the African continent. He is known worldwide for his expeditions, missionary travels and his connections with the African people he encountered. He was responsible for mapping unknown areas of the African continent and opening up large parts of the continent's interior to the world. We will be taking a closer look at Livingstone's life, his travels, and his legacy.

Getting to Know Livingstone

, Zambia Livingstone is the tourist capital of Zambia and is located in the southern province, directly on the Zambezi River. It has a population of about 151,000 people, most of them belonging to the Tonga tribe and speaking Bantu Languages. Livingstone is on Central African Time (UTC+2) which is two hours ahead of coordinated universal time (UTC). The predominant language spoken in Livingstone is English, but there are also local languages such as Lozi, Tonga, Nyanja, and Kaonde. English is the official language of Zambia, which serves as a link language between different groups of people. The currency in Livingstone is the Zambian Kwacha (ZMW) which is issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 coins. The US Dollar (USD) is also accepted in some shops, Restaurants and Tourist Attractions.

Climate and Weather

Livingstone, the capital of Zambia, boasts a tropical climate with short wet and dry seasons. It's consistently hot and humid throughout the year, with temperatures averaging between 25°C and 30°C. The hottest times of the year are October to April, when humidity also increases due to the consistently hot temperatures. The dry season is between May and September, with temperatures slightly cooler. The rainy season begins in October and lasts until April, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in January and February. During this time, thunderstorms and heavy rains occur with considerable frequency and flooding is common. The climate of Livingstone can be described as warm and muggy all year round, with temperatures reaching the low thirties in the summer months. The city is situated in the savanna region of Zambia, with seasonal rains and some localized flooding. Despite the high temperatures and humidity, a comfortable climate is achievable with the use of air conditioners and shaded outdoor areas.

Touring Livingstone: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Livingstone and its official name is Livingstone Airport. You can get from the main airport to downtown Livingstone by taxi, which should cost around ZMW50-70. Alternatively, you can take the Livingstone Airport shuttle service at ZMW15 per person. You can also change money at Livingstone airport, but it is recommended to only change small amounts as the airport exchange rates are not always the most favourable.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Livingstone

  1. Livingstone is a city with a long and storied history, and it is home to a variety of cultures and traditions.
  2. Livingstone is a great destination for travelers interested in learning more about the area's diverse cultural backgrounds — from early African cultures to European settlers who eventually passed through.
  3. Tourists can experience a colorful blend of traditional Zambian and African cultures, which often explore the themes of hospitality, tribal heritage and faith

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