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Kimberley is a city in British Columbia, Canada. It is located in the southeastern part of the province, just north of the U.S. border. It is a part of the East Kootenay region and is the largest city in the area. Kimberley is known for its friendly people, stunning natural beauty, and its wide range of outdoor recreational activities. It is also home to a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, and attractions. The city is also home to one of Canada's premier skiing destinations, the Kimberly Alpine Resort. Other popular attractions include the historic St. Mary Lake, Wilderness Park, Perreault Creek, and Sullivan Mine. The time zone of Kimberley, South Africa is South African Standard Time (SAST). The most comfortable weather in Kimberley tends to be during the summer months of October to March. Average temperatures typically range between 12 and 26 degrees Celsius. The days are often sunny and warm, with temperatures dropping slightly during the evenings and nights. The flight from Kimberley to Cape Town in South Africa will take approximately two hours and fifteen minutes. Kimberley is located in South Africa.

Getting to Know Kimberley

In 2020, the estimated population of Kimberley, British Columbia is 7,484. English is the main language spoken in Kimberley, South Africa. Afrikaans is also widely spoken, as is Setswana and Sesotho. The currency in Kimberley is the South African Rand (ZAR). Yes, there are multiple cafes, restaurants, and currency exchange machines located at the Kimberley Airport. The length of the city of Kimberley, in South Africa, is approximately 17.6 kilometers (10.93 miles). Kimberley was founded in 1902 when the Sullivan Mine opened, and it quickly grew into a bustling mining community and the largest metropolitan area in the East Kootenays, boasting a population of over 7,000 by the mid-1920s.

Climate and Weather

Touring Kimberley: Airport and Transportation

Traveling from the airport to the city center in Kimberley by bus costs about 50 Rand (approximately 3.30 US Dollars). Traveling from the airport to the city center by car costs about 30 Rand (approximately 2 US Dollars). Yes, it is possible to get from the airport in Kimberley to the city centre by taxi. You can book a taxi online, or find one at the airport. From beautiful mountain views and attractions to restaurants and shopping, Kimberley has something for all types of tourists to enjoy.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Kimberley

22. The journey takes about 15-20 minutes and a distance of 8 kilometers. The journey takes about 10 minutes and a distance of 8 kilometers. Kimberley is a city in British Columbia, Canada. The city is known for its rich mining history, with the nearby Sullivan Mine being the largest lead-zinc mine in the British Commonwealth. It is also renowned for its world-famous snowmobiling, superb fishing, excellent golfing, and outdoor recreation opportunities. 1. The Big Hole – A tremendous feat of human engineering, it is the largest hand-dug excavation in the world. 2. The Kimberley Mines Railway Museum – Featuring 4 steam locomotives, the museum is an interesting place to experience the history of the diamond industry in the region. 3. Kimberley’s Bohemian Quarter – This area is celebrated for its pubs, art galleries and interesting shops showcasing everything from African art to jewelry and antiques. The most popular place to visit in Kimberley is the Big Hole. The Big Hole is the world's largest hand-dug excavation and it is a must-see for visitors to the area. Other popular tourist attractions in Kimberley include the Kimberley Mine Museum, The Diamond Pavilion, and the Digger's Memorial. Tourists in Kimberley are treated very well and are welcomed with open arms. The locals are very friendly and are willing to assist tourists with information and guidance on exploring the area.
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