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Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is a stunning and vibrant city. From its colorful landscapes, to its bustling city markets, and warm, friendly people, Kigali has something for everyone. For those who love nature, the city is surrounded by endless rolling hills and dense vegetation, and for those seeking an urban escape, it also has plenty of nightlife, luxurious hotels and fine dining. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Kigali has a rich and complex history and culture, making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

Getting to Know Kigali

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, a landlocked country in East Africa. It has approximately 1.1 million residents according to a 2020 population estimate. Kigali is located in the Central African Time Zone (CAT), which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +2). Kinyarwanda is the official language of Rwanda as designated in the Rwandan constitution, however, Kinyarwanda, English and French are the languages most commonly spoken in Kigali. The official currency of Rwanda is the Rwandan franc (RWF). US dollars and other major foreign currencies can be exchanged in the bank or at currency exchange bureaux.

Climate and Weather

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, located in Central and East Africa. The climate of Kigali is tropical, with hot and humid weather throughout the year. Kigali experiences a wet season from March to May and a dry season from June to October. The average temperature in Kigali is around 18 degrees Celsius (64 F) during the day and 11 degrees Celsius (51 F) at night. The coldest months are July and August, when temperatures can drop down to 8 degrees Celsius (46 F). Kigali also experiences rain throughout the year, with the most rainfall in April and May. The city's location on the high plateau limits the amount of rain that falls, but it can still be quite humid during these months. Kigali is occasionally affected by tropical storms during the wet season.

Touring Kigali: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Kigali – the Kigali International Airport. It is located in Kaliciro, three miles south of the city center. To get from Kigali International Airport to downtown Kigali, there are several options: taxis, car rentals, or shuttle buses. The cost for a taxi is approximately 9,000 Rwandan Francs for a one-way trip, and shuttle bus services range from 4,000 to 6,000RWF. Yes, you can change money at Kigali airport. There are foreign exchange facilities providing currency exchange services to international travelers. International debit and credit cards are also accepted.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Kigali

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