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Harare, the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe, is an exciting and vibrant metropolis. It is the center of politics, economics, and culture in the country and a great tourist destination showcasing its unique African heritage. Its bustling streets, colorful markets, and cultural attractions make it a great place to visit for travelers. This text will explore the many diverse and interesting aspects of Harare, from its history and culture to its to its cuisine and nightlife.

Getting to Know Harare

Harare is the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe. It has an estimated population of 1.6 million people. Harare is located in Southern Africa and its local time zone is Central African Time (CAT). English is the official language of Zimbabwe and is the language most widely spoken in Harare. The Zimbabwean Dollar is the official currency.

Climate and Weather

Harare, Zimbabwe, is situated in the country's north east and boasts a subtropical climate. The city enjoys sunny weather all year round, with high temperatures and a distinct wet and dry season. The city's wet season, which runs from November to March, is characterized by warm and humid weather with frequent thunderstorms and rainfall. The maximum monthly rainfall total is 125 mm in December. January, February and March typically has highest rainfall. The dry season, which lasts from April to October, features very pleasant weather with sunny days and clear skies. The temperature remains warm, with maximum temperatures in the high 20’s Celsius. April and May are the warmest months when temperatures can regularly reach 30°C, making this the ideal time to visit the city. From August onwards, the temperature begins to drop, with cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. The lowest temperatures in Harare occur in June and July, which can reach lows of 10°C.

Touring Harare: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Harare: Harare International Airport (HRE) and Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (KME). You can get from the main airport to downtown Harare in a taxi. The fare for a one-way ride will be around ZAR 250-300, depending on the time of the day and the traffic conditions. You can also change money at Harare airport at an exchange bureau.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Harare

  1. Harare is the largest and capital city of Zimbabwe, where many cultures, languages and beliefs come together
  2. It is an important centre of art, music, and literature. The country's beloved poet and national hero, Samuel Coleridge- Taylor, has roots in the city.
  3. The city hosts regular festivals such as the Harare International Festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe International Film Festival and the Harare International Carnival which showcase the local culture

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