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Harare is the vibrant capital of Zimbabwe, situated in the heart of the country. With a population of over two million people, Harare is the largest city in the nation and a major hub of commerce and culture. Featuring beautiful parks, bustling markets and friendly people, the city has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and expats alike. In this text, we will explore Harare's attractions, its people and culture, and what draws so many people to this amazing city.

Getting to Know Harare

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, located in the northeast of the country. Harare is home to an estimated population of 1.6 million. It is located in the Central African Time Zone, which is 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2). In terms of language, English is the most widely used in official and commercial circles, while Shona and Ndebele are the main local languages. The official currency of the country is the Zimbabwean dollar, though US dollars, South African rands and other major currencies can also be found circulating.

Climate and Weather

Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe has a subtropical highland climate. It is one of the mildest climates in the Southern Hemisphere and rarely experiences bitterly cold winters. The rainfall is seasonal with a distinct dry period from late-January to April. The city experiences hot, humid summers with average temperatures of 22-26 °C (72-79 °F). Harare also experiences considerable fog during the drier months, especially when the air is cold and calm. Winter temperatures are mild due to the city’s location at a high elevation of 1500 m (4900 ft). Average temperatures range from 7-15 °C (45-59 °F). The rain is most abundant from November to March, with very little rain in the dry season. The surrounding area also experiences a more moderate climate than Zimbabwe’s tropical lowlands - with the hottest temperatures only reaching 26-29 °C (79-84 °F).

Touring Harare: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Harare, Zimbabwe: the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (formerly known as the Harare International Airport) and the Charles Prince Airport. To get from the main airport (Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport) to downtown Harare, you can take a taxi, which usually costs around $20-30 and takes about 15-20 minutes. You can also access public transportation from the airport, such as buses and shared “kombi” shuttles, which cost less than a taxi. Yes, you can change money at Harare Airport. There are several currency exchange kiosks near the arrivals and departures areas.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Harare

  1. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and has a vibrant culture dating back to the city’s establishment in 1890
  2. As the country's leading economic centre and cultural hub, Harare is home to a mix of African traditional and colonial influences
  3. Popular attractions in Harare include visits to the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Harare Botanical Gardens and the Kopje National Monument

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