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Welcome to Frankfurt, one of Germany’s major economic hubs and cultural centers. With centuries of history and modernity fused together, this city has something for everyone. There is a fascinating blend of culture and tradition, entertainment, breathtaking architecture and hundreds of attractions, which make exploring Frankfurt an unforgettable experience. Restaurants and bars offering locally crafted beer and tempting regional cuisine can be found all over the city, while its numerous parks, gardens and larger green spaces invite you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Whether you are looking to soak up the heritage and history, shop at some of Germany's best stores, explore the many lively restaurants and bars or just relax in the city’s green areas, Frankfurt offers an amazing array of activities and possibilities.

Getting to Know Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the fifth-most populous city in Germany, with a population of around 742,964 inhabitants as of 2020. The city is located in the Central European Time Zone, which is GMT+1. The primary language spoken in the Frankfurt region is German. Despite this, many other languages are spoken in the city and its surrounding areas, including English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Italian. The local currency in Frankfurt is the Euro. The symbol of the Euro is € and the currency code is EUR.

Climate and Weather

The climate of Frankfurt is warm-temperate with some continental influences. The city has four distinct seasons with summer generally being the hottest and wettest season. Summer can be quite hot and humid in Frankfurt. Temperatures during this season average around 22°C (72°F) and the city experiences rain on most days. During winter, the temperature drops significantly, with average temperatures around 7°C (45°F). Snowfall is rare, but the city can experience some frost and icy temperatures. Spring is usually mild and wet in Frankfurt, with temperatures ranging from averages of 8°C (46°F) to 17°C (63°F). During autumn, temperatures drop significantly, with averages of 7°C (45°F). The city experiences rain, but the temperature is suitable for sightseeing.

Touring Frankfurt: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN). You can get from Frankfurt Airport to downtown Frankfurt by train. The journey takes approximately 13 minutes and costs €4.90 (2019 price). You can also take a taxi; the average cost is €30-€50 (2019 price). Yes, you can exchange money at Frankfurt Airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Frankfurt

  1. Frankfurt is an incredibly multi-cultural city due to the influx of migration throughout the centuries. This has resulted in an incredibly diverse and unique culture that has developed over the years
  2. Frankfurt is home to many museums and cultural institutions, including the world-famous Städel Museum, the German Film Museum, and the Freies Museum.
  3. The city also hosts a variety of traditional festivals and events, including the International May Fair and the Opernplatz Medieval Market

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