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Established in 1949, Entebbe is a city located near the northern shore of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The town became a political and cultural center for the area, with many tourists visiting the region for its beautiful landscapes, wild attractions, and exciting culture. As time passed, the town grew and evolved, developing into a vital hub for transportation, telecommunications, and services. This article will explore the history of Entebbe, and how this important city is connected to Uganda's development. We will look at the city's role in Uganda's past, how it has grown since, and what the future may hold.

Getting to Know Entebbe

Entebbe is a city in Uganda that is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. The estimated population of the city is 131,000, the majority of which are of Baganda ethnic origin. The official language of Entebbe is English, although Luganda is also commonly spoken. Entebbe is nestled in the GMT+3 time zone, which is three hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); however, because Uganda does not observe Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time, its time zone is rarely adjusted. The local currency used in Entebbe is the Ugandan shilling. The US Dollar is also widely accepted in business transactions. It is recommended that travelers exchange their cash for Ugandan shillings to get better deals when shopping in local markets. All in all, Entebbe is an exciting city that is rich in culture and beauty. Regardless of your purpose of visiting the city, there is something for everyone.

Climate and Weather

Entebbe is located in the tropical climate zone, which means it enjoys mild temperatures, abundant sunshine, and high humidity throughout the year. The average temperature is between 26°C and 28°C. April and May are the hottest months while December, January, and February are the coldest. Rainfall is usually heavy at the start of each season but gradually decreases over the months. October and December are the months with the highest rainfall, with over 200 mm of precipitation each month. The humidity levels are high throughout the year, with an average of 80% humidity. This can make the air feel very heavy at times. However, air movement along the coast helps cool temperatures in the city. Entebbe also experiences two distinct dry and wet seasons throughout the year. The long dry season lasts from mid-July to mid-October, and the short wet season takes place from mid-February to mid-June.

Touring Entebbe: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Entebbe: Entebbe International Airport and Entebbe-Kajjansi Airport. You can get from the main airport to downtown Entebbe by taxi. The cost depends on the distance travelled. A typical fare is around 30,000 Ugandan shillings (£7). Yes, you can change money at Entebbe Airport. Both international and local money exchange services are offered.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Entebbe

  1. Entebbe is located on the shore of Lake Victoria and is a major international tourist destination in Uganda.
  2. The Kiganda culture is especially prominent in Entebbe and is celebrated with traditional music, dance, art, crafts and food.
  3. Thanks to its location on the equator, Entebbe is home to a wealth of wildlife, including the world-famous mountain gorillas and various species of birds

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