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The story of Entebbe is an inspiring tale of hope, resilience, and courage, where a small but mighty group of people made history. In 1976, Israeli forces dared to take on a daring commando mission in response to the hijacking of an Air France flight at Uganda's Entebbe Airport. This remarkable incident resulted in a daring and successful rescue of 102 hostages and solidified the state of Israel's promise to protect its citizens from harm. This text will explore the events around the Entebbe hijacking, the details of the Israeli operation, and the far-reaching consequences of the incident.

Getting to Know Entebbe

Entebbe is a major city located in Central Uganda, with an estimated population of over 257,660 people. Entebbe is the largest city in Uganda, and the headquarters of the Ugandan government. It is located about 40 kilometers south of the Ugandan capital city of Kampala, and is the sole international airport of Uganda. The time zone of Entebbe is East African Time (EAT), which is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The official languages of Entebbe and Uganda as a whole are English and Swahili. Other languages such as Luganda are widely spoken in the city. The currency of Entebbe is the Uganda Shilling, which is the official currency of Uganda. The shilling is divided into 100 cents, and is usually abbreviated with the symbol UGX.

Climate and Weather

Entebbe is a city located in Central Uganda, on the north shore of Lake Victoria. The climate of Entebbe is tropical, with temperatures ranging from highs of around 24°C (75°F) to lows of 14°C (58°F). Entebbe experiences two rainy and humid seasons, with the ‘long rains’ falling between March and May, and the ‘short rains’ falling between October and November. Entebbe experiences moderate amounts of rainfall. The city is occasionally subject to extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, hot days, and high humidity. Entebbe is fortunate enough to not experience any major droughts or floods. The climate of Entebbe can be described as humid, hot and rainy. It is an ideal location for those wanting to enjoy a tropical climate and experience the warm waters of Lake Victoria.

Touring Entebbe: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Entebbe: Entebbe International Airport (EBB) and Kajjansi Airfield (KAJ). The main airport is Entebbe International Airport. You can get from Entebbe International Airport to downtown Entebbe by taking a taxi. The cost is usually around 7,000 Ugandan Shillings (about $2.00 USD). Yes, you can change money at Entebbe Airport. There are both bureau de change (currency exchange) and ATMs located in the terminals.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Entebbe

  1. Entebbe, whose name means ‘seat’ in the Luganda language, is the former capital of Uganda and dates back to the 19th century
  2. The area around Entebbe is home to many ethnic groups, giving it a unique and diverse cultural heritage
  3. Some of Entebbe’s main attractions that tourists should visit include the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, the Nile-Uganda Railway Museum, and Kigungu Harbour, which is the main port on Lake Victoria

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