Flight tickets from Bloemfontein to Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, the city of dreams! A city that puts its beauty on full display with its ultramodern skyline, centuries-old architecture, and endless recreational opportunities. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, an education, or a place to call home, Dubai has something special for everyone. Known as the shopping capital of the Middle East and a hub between East and West, the city of Dubai is a melting pot of culture and tradition. Cruise down the Dubai creek, explore the gold and spice souks, or simply take in the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf; there is no shortage of activities for visitors of all ages. There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the world.

Getting to Know Dubai

Dubai is a republic situated in the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Peninsula. As of October 2020, the population of Dubai is estimated to be 3.2 million, making it the second most populous city in the UAE. Dubai is divided into two provinces, each of which has its own unique time zone. Dubai operates on the UTC+4 time zone during the summer months and UTC+4 during the winter months. The official language of Dubai is Arabic, but other commonly spoken languages include English, Hindi, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, and Farsi. The currency used in Dubai is the Emirati dirham (AED).

Climate and Weather

The climate of Dubai is hot and dry all year round, with pleasant winters and very hot and humid summers. The average annual sunshine in Dubai is over 10 hours per day, and there is very little rain throughout the year. Temperatures in Dubai can vary greatly between day and night, with the nights being significantly cooler than the days. Generally temperatures range from a low of 19-20°C (66-68°F) in the winter months to a high of 40-43°C (105-110°F) in the summer months. Rainfall in Dubai is extremely low, averaging around 100 mm (4 inches) per year. Most precipitation falls between November and April, with a short rainy season in December and January. The strong sunshine, low rainfall and dry air of Dubai make it an ideal year-round destination for tourists, with a hot and humid climate in summer and pleasantly cool and sunny winters.

Touring Dubai: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Dubai: Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central-Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). You can get from the main airport (DXB) to downtown in Dubai either by taxi, car services, or the metro. The cost will vary depending on your travel time and other factors. Yes, you can exchange money at Dubai airport at one of the exchange kiosks located in the international arrival hall.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Dubai

  1. Dubai is known for its beautiful modern city architecture that advances both its culture and history. From its ancient forts, to its iconic gold and spice markets, to its vibrant nightlife and breathtaking skyline, the city has something for all types of travelers to explore.
  2. Dubai has a long history of trade and commerce; it is located at the crossroads of several East-West trading routes, and has become a major financial center in the region.
  3. There is an abundance of essential cultural experiences in Dubai, including art galleries, museums, and mosques. In addition, Dubai is known for its traditional Bedouin hospitality and delicious traditional cuisine

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