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Blantyre is a small city in the Shire Highlands of Malawi. Located along the banks of the Shire River, Blantyre is known for its vibrant culture and vibrant history. With its colonial origins being traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, Blantyre has a long, rich history of cultural heritage, economic development, and architectural beauty. This text will explore the city of Blantyre, the things that make it so special, and the many attractions and activities the city offers.

Getting to Know Blantyre

Blantyre is the commercial hub of Malawi and the second largest city in the country. It is located in the southern region of Malawi, and in 2019 its population was estimated to be 647,217 people. The time zone in Blantyre is Central Africa Time (CAT) which is 2 hours ahead of GMT. The official languages of Blantyre are English and Chichewa, the language spoken by most people in the city. Malawi's currency is known as the Kwacha, and its symbol is MK. The US dollar is also widely accepted in Blantyre.

Climate and Weather

Blantyre is the second-largest city in Malawi and is located in the southern part of the country at an elevation of 1,290 meters. The city has a tropical savanna climate, with a dry season from May to October and a wet season from November to April. Temperatures in the city range from an average low of 13.9 degrees Celsius in July to an average high of 27.7 degrees Celsius in December. Despite the warm temperatures, the high elevation keeps the air relatively cool. The average annual rainfall in Blantyre is 1,465 millimeters, with the wettest months usually being January and February. The city is occasionally subject to drought and flooding during the wet season.

Touring Blantyre: Airport and Transportation

There is only one airport in Blantyre, Chichewa Airport, which is the main airport for the city. To get from the main airport to downtown, you can take a taxi or a local bus. Taxi fare will cost around MWK3000 (approx. USD4), while bus tickets are much cheaper, costing around MWK500 (approx. USD0.6). Unfortunately, there is no exchange service available at the airport, so you will need to look for a currency exchange in the city in order to change money.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Blantyre

  1. Blantyre is the second largest city in Malawi, located on the Shire River, and is the commercial, industrial and administrative centre of the country
  2. The city is home to many historical sites and attractions, including St. Michael's and All Angels Cathedral, the oldest Anglican church in the country
  3. Blantyre is also known for its vibrant culture and music scene, with traditional dances and musical instruments such as the mbira, Kalimba and marimba

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