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Beira is a city located in Mozambique, in the Sofala region. It is the 5th largest city in the country and is known for its beautiful scenery, wonderful culture and friendly people. This text will provide an overview of Beira and explore the attractions, culture and history of this vibrant city. From its beautiful beaches to its interesting museums, Beira has something to offer everyone. Whether you are a history buff, shopping buff or beach-goer, Beira has something for everyone to enjoy.

Getting to Know Beira

Beira is a city in Mozambique. The population is estimated to be more than 500,000 people. The main time zone is Central African Time. The main languages in Beira are Portuguese and Emakhuwa. English is also widely spoken. The official currency is the Mozambican Metical (MZN). Beira is a port city with a rich history, and the culture and lifestyle of its people reflect the combination of European, African and Asian influences. The unique environment makes the city a great place to visit.

Climate and Weather

Beira is located in the central region of Mozambique and has a tropical savanna climate with a lengthy wet season. The weather is hot and humid year round and average temperatures range from 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The wet season runs from late October through early April with most of the rain coming from powerful thunderstorms. The relative humidity is generally high throughout the year and can be especially oppressive during the wet season. The dry season runs from late April to late October and rainfall is minimal. In Beira, there is a distinct dry, desert-like atmosphere. The climate of Beira can be very unpredictable; occasional floods and hurricanes can wreak havoc on the region during the wet season. The heat and humidity of the summer months are tempered by cooling sea breezes.

Touring Beira: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Beira: Beira Airport (BEW), located about 11km south of the city, and Desero Airport (DSR), located about 25km south of the city. The quickest and easiest way to get from Beira Airport to downtown Beira is to take a taxi, which should cost between 50-100 Mozambican Meticais (approximately $1-2). You can change money at Beira Airport, however, it is generally recommended that you exchange your currency before travelling to Beira. There are several currency exchanges open in downtown Beira where you can get a better exchange rate.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Beira

  1. Beira is home to many ancient sites such as the ruins of the historical Muxima Catholic church
  2. Beira has a unique blend of African, Portuguese, and Indian cultures which is reflected in its cuisine
  3. Beira is known as the “City of Happiness” and is a vibrant melting pot of cultures and traditions that makes it an exciting destination for both local and international tourists

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