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Beira is Mozambique's second largest city and the central hub of the country's coastal region. Located on the country's eastern coast, it is the gateway to Mozambique from the rest of the world. Beira has a long and fascinating history, with each era seeing its own unique cultural development. From its days as a regional trading port to its modern-day iteration as a bustling metropolis, Beira has proven to be an integral part of Mozambique's vibrant culture. In this text, we will explore the city's rich and diverse history, as well as its current population, attractions, and culture.

Getting to Know Beira

Beira is a coastal city in Mozambique. Its population is around 587,000 and is the second largest in the country after the capital city, Maputo. Beira lies in the Central Time Zone, which is UTC+2. This time zone is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. In terms of language, Portuguese is the dominant language in Beira, but other languages are also spoken, such as Makhuwa, Swahili and Sena. The official currency of Beira is the Mozambican metical. It is divided into 100 centavos, and is abbreviated as “MT”.

Climate and Weather

Beira is located in the country of Mozambique on the coast of the Indian Ocean and is known for its tropical climate. The city has an average year-round temperature of approximately 27°C and experiences two distinct seasons: a dry season from May to October and a wet season from November to April. During the wet season, Beira receives a substantial amount of rainfall, often presenting torrential downpours that can be quite intense. The average annual rainfall is around 1,100 mm. Consequently, the city is prone to floods, especially during peak rainy months between January and March. Beira is also prone to cyclones, as its location is near the Mozambique Channel and the warm Indian Ocean. The city experiences strong winds and heavy rains during cyclone season, which typically lasts from January to March. Despite the tropical climate, temperatures in the city remain quite pleasant throughout the year, although they can be quite humid with an average humidity of around 75%.

Touring Beira: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Beira: Aeroporto Internacional de Mavalane (BEP) and Civair Airport (CBT). The main airport is Aeroporto Internacional de Mavalane (BEP). You can get from Aeroporto Internacional de Mavalane to downtown Beira by taxi. The cost ranges from $10 to $15, depending on traffic and destination. Yes, you can change money at Beira airport. There are a number of bureaux de change and ATM's located throughout the airport that offer foreign exchange services.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Beira

  1. Beira is located in central Mozambique along the Indian Ocean coast, and boasts a unique history, culture, and cuisine
  2. Beira is home to many attractions such as the architecture of Beira's Central Market, the structures of Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora do Socorro, and the ruins of Forte de Sao Sebastiao
  3. Beira also has several museums and monuments paying homage to the city's past. One of these is the Museu do Povo, which displays artifacts and memorabilia from the time of the Portuguese colonization

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