Flight tickets from Bloemfontein to Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia, located in the East African Great Rift Valley. It is the largest city in Ethiopia and is a major political, commercial, and cultural hub. Addis Ababa is home to the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and numerous other international organizations. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, and hosts a variety of historic sites and monuments from the Aksumite Period, including the remains of the city's oldest mosque, which dates back to the 4th century. Addis Ababa is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, boasting a burgeoning nightlife and a wide variety of festivals and events. Additionally, it is an important educational center, home to many of Ethiopia's leading universities.

Getting to Know Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is located in Ethiopia Time, which is UTC +3. As of mid-2018, the population of Addis Ababa is estimated to be about 3,384,569. The two official languages spoken in Addis Ababa are Amharic and English. Other languages spoken in the city include Afaan Oromo, Tigrinya, Somali, Gurage, Argobba and Harari. The currency in Addis Ababa is the Ethiopian Birr (ETB). Yes, there are cafes and restaurants as well as currency exchanges in the airport of Addis Ababa. There is also a currency exchange with multiple ATMs located throughout the terminal.

Climate and Weather

The most comfortable weather in Addis Ababa is mild and dry, with an average temperature range of 16°C to 28°C (60°F to 82°F). The average temperature in Addis Ababa is approximately 18 degrees Celsius.

Touring Addis Ababa: Airport and Transportation

The cafes and restaurants include a few fast food chains, snack stands, and coffee bars. The cost of travelling from the airport to the city centre of Addis Ababa by bus is Birr 25 (about 1 US Dollar), and the journey takes around 45 minutes. The cost of travelling from the airport to the city centre by car is from Birr 250 (about 10 US Dollars). The journey usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on traffic. The total distance from the airport to the city centre is about 8.4 km (5.2 miles). Yes, it is possible to get from Addis Ababa International Airport to the city center by taxi. Taxis can be hired at the airport taxi stand located outside of the arrivals hall, and the fare should be negotiated with the driver prior to the trip.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Addis Ababa

The city enjoys abundant sunshine, and the cooler nights result in a pleasantly mild atmosphere. New York - 16 Hours Addis Ababa is in Ethiopia. The city of Addis Ababa covers an area of 530 square kilometers (205 square miles). Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia, and is known for its beautiful mountains and vibrant culture. It has been the political, economic, and cultural hub of Ethiopia for centuries, as evidenced by its old churches, monuments, and buildings that date back to the 19th century. Addis Ababa was built in 1886 by Emperor Menelik II, making it one of the oldest capital cities in Africa. 1. The largest and most impressive church in the city, Holy Trinity is renowned for its traditional Ethiopian Orthodox architecture and beautiful marble decorations. 2. controversy and many other ancient artifacts, this museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of Ethiopia. 3. Situated high above the city, this mountain offers stunning views of the countryside and local villages. It also has a number of historical churches, street markets, and is home to the Emperor Menelik’s Palace. The most popular place to visit in Addis Ababa is the Addis Ababa National Museum, located in the heart of the city. It houses some of Ethiopia’s most important historical artifacts and sculptures, with archaeological finds from the oldest human habitation site in East Africa, which was discovered near the Blue Nile. Additionally, the museum features unique collections of pottery, textiles, and other objects from the region's many cultural and ethnic groups. Tourists are generally welcomed and treated with respect in Addis Ababa. Tourism is seen as a way to showcase the vibrant culture, history, and traditions of Ethiopia, and locals are usually friendly and helpful to visitors. The Ethiopian government has made an effort to make Addis Ababa and other major cities more visitor-friendly with the establishment of tourism bureaus, increased safety measures, and tailored services. Ethiopia is generally considered very safe for tourists and you can expect to be welcomed warmly everywhere you travel.
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