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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities in the Middle East. It is a city filled with ancient wonders, vibrant culture, and bustling markets. It is a major political and cultural center that serves as a gateway between Africa, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. From the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza to the stunning architecture of Islamic Cairo, this fascinating city has something for everyone. In this article, we'll explore some of the unique and interesting aspects of Cairo, from its customs and culture to its history and attractions.

Getting to Know Cairo

Cairo, Egypt, is the largest city in Africa, with a population of over 17 million people. It lies in the Eastern European Time Zone, making it two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). The official language of Cairo is Arabic, but English and French are also widely spoken. The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP), which is divided into 100 piasters. The exchange rate between the Pound and the US Dollar is 1 EGP to 0.06 USD.

Climate and Weather

Cairo has a hot desert climate with dry, hot summers and mild, wet winters, making it a great place to visit year-round. Summers in Cairo are hot, with temperatures reaching into the mid-40s °C (107 -115 °F). During the day, the humidity is very high and the air is still and dry, with occasional sand storms. Winters in Cairo are mild and wet, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 °C (50 °F). Rainfall occurs mainly in the winter months, with an average of 2 inches (50 mm) of rain in December and January. The best time of year to visit Cairo is from mid-October to mid-April. During this time, temperatures are mild, ranging from 10-20 °C (50-68 °F) during the day, with cool, comfortable nights.

Touring Cairo: Airport and Transportation

There are two airports in Cairo. The first is Cairo International Airport (CAI) and the second is Cairo West Air Base (FWA). You can take a taxi from the airport to downtown Cairo. The fare depends on the time of day and traffic, but on average it will cost approximately 150 - 200 LE/Egyptian Pound. Yes, you can change money at Cairo Airport. There are currency exchange counters located both inside and outside the terminals.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Cairo

  1. Cairo is has a long and turbulent history, stretching back over 5000 years. It has seen various empires come and go, and its cultural heritage reflects the influence of many different civilizations
  2. Cairo is home to a number of impressive Islamic sites, including many ancient mosques, as well as the iconic Citadel of Saladin and the spectacular Egyptian museum
  3. The city also offers plenty of opportunities for to soak up the culture, through traditional markets, lively bazaars and colorful art galleries

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