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Welcome to Cairo, the largest city in the Middle East and Africa, and the capital of Egypt. Situated on the banks of the River Nile, Cairo has a population of some 9 million people, making it one of the most densely populated cities on Earth. It is home to many remarkable monuments and buildings, some of which date back to the time of Ancient Egypt. Cairo is a vibrant and exciting city, offering endless discoveries and experiences to the traveler eager to explore its streets and alleyways. In this text, we will explore the fascinating sights of Cairo, its long history and culture, and discover what makes it such an incredible destination.

Getting to Know Cairo

Cairo is the largest city in Egypt and the capital of the country. This vibrant and culturally rich city has an estimated population of 9.1 million residents and is located in the Eastern European Time Zone (EET). The official language of Cairo is Arabic, while many people in the city also speak English, French, and German. The official currency in the city is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Cairo is a bustling destination that is perfect for anyone looking to explore the vibrant city life in the heart of Egypt. With its colourful markets, beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and diverse culture, Cairo is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Climate and Weather

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has a warm desert climate classified as BWh. It rarely rains and the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius even in winter. The city experiences hot and dry summers with temperatures hovering between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature in winter can rarely rise above 20 degree Celsius and the visibility is poor due to the high level of sand and dust. The humidity levels remain high throughout the year and can cause discomfort during the summer months. The city also experiences a few snow days in winter though the chances of snowfall are rare. The wind is usually strong and can cause sandstorms in the summer months. Cairo is a hot city and it’s best to visit during the winter for long-term stays. People in the city often opt for air conditioning to cool down. Tourists should also be aware of the region's high levels of air pollution and must wear masks when outdoors.

Touring Cairo: Airport and Transportation

There are three main airports in Cairo, Egypt: Cairo International Airport, Al-Minya International Airport, and Borg el Arab Airport. The main airport, Cairo International Airport, is the busiest and most popular; it is located approximately 17 km northeast of Cairo city center. You can reach downtown Cairo from Cairo International Airport by taxi or bus. A taxi from the airport to downtown Cairo costs around 40 Egyptian Pounds (around 2.60 USD). Bus tickets from the airport to downtown cost around 10 Egyptian Pounds (around 0.65 USD). You can also exchange money at Cairo International Airport. The currency exchange counters are located in the arrivals area at the airport.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Cairo

  1. Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world with its roots going back to the 10th century BC. It is home to a long-established local culture, with a rich and diverse heritage of Islamic architecture and culture
  2. Cairo is known as the "city of a thousand minarets" due to its prolific Islamic architecture and the sheer number of mosques present in the city
  3. Home to a vibrant atmosphere and world-class entertainment, Cairo is teeming with festivals, art galleries, musical performances, historic villages and markets to explore

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